Friday, November 24, 2006

Patrick Davis - Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County

Last weekend the wife and I went to see the pride of Camden at a benefit concert for Toys for Tots. Patrick Davis is a first-rate performer and songwriter, and I definitely advise seeing him live. Some of his songs are straight-up rock and roll barn-burners, and then he throws in a gospel sing-along like "Amazing Grace" or "Will the Circle Be Unbroken."

The Fine Arts Center was a unique place to see him play. Come to think of it, every other time I've seen Patrick, it's been in Five Points - Five Points After Five, Pub on Santee, St. Patty's Day, what have you. This auditorium, by way of contrast, had movie-theater style seats and an actual stage with functional stage-lights. The sad part is that I kinda enjoyed the more "chill" atmosphere of the auditorium.

Also, being a hometown show and all, Patrick's little sister joined him on-stage. She sang "Angel from Montgomery" and accompanied him on a couple other songs. And his dad played electric guitar for most of the concert.

Patrick's first "major" album (pictured) is great, and you can listen to it here, at his website. You can also find it at Manifest Discs and Tapes (and occassionally you can find Davis's "demo" album there, too). My personal favorite tracks are "Maybe Tonight" and "This Life." Take a listen, and buy it for yourself for Christmas. You won't be sorry!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Edwin at Newberry Opera House

Last weekend I finally got to redeem my birthday present from some friends, when we all headed out to Newberry to see SC's native son, Edwin McCain, in concert. I've never seen a bad Edwin McCain show, and I've never seen a bad concert at the NOH, so I knew it would be great.

Here's the setlist, although the order might be a little bit off:

Gramercy Park Hotel
Shooting Stars
See off this Mountain
White Crosses
Rhythm of Life
One Thing Left to Do
Lost in America
I Could Not Ask For More
I'll Be
Radio Star
Take Me
Prayer to St. Peter

Thanks, Micky & Steph!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween pics

In this house, Halloween starts at the beginning of the October when Mama hauls the kids to get their picture taken, and doesn't end until we turn off the porch light on the 31st. In between, there's Boo at the Zoo, pumpkin shopping, a pre-school party, and a couple "grownup" costume parties. Here's some pics of the month-long affair...